If you’re looking for some positive news coming out of the difficult last two years (18 + months) let us share our story here at Hyperlogistics. As COVID-19 began to take off in this country in January of 2020, like everyone else, we were worried about the future of our jobs and our company. In March, as things began to shut down, we were declared an essential business because many of our key customers were actively involved in preventing the spread of the virus. We were fortunate to remain open to support those customers and the rest of our business.

In the beginning it was tough to keep up with the pace needed to provide support at the levels our customers needed. Staffing was hard to maintain at a level that could handle the business, and the associates we did have were putting in long hours with lots of overtime. It was a very difficult and stressful time for everyone, but we have a great team here at Hyperlogistics who pulled together and really shined. The stress actually seemed to bring our team closer together. As the pandemic continued to grow and spread across our state and the country, we were bound and determined to provide whatever was needed to support our customers, our community and the country.

It’s been a long, difficult journey for all of us. Although COVID-19 and its effects linger on, we at Hyperlogistics can look back with a great deal of satisfaction and pride at the support we have provided during the pandemic. Not only have we provided an important service during this time to both our customers and community, we have also grown as a team. We’ve added 2 additional warehouses, added 10 additional positions and never laid off a single associate.

So, if you are looking to make a positive career move, take a good look at Hyperlogistics. A truly great company, with dedicated associates making up a really great team!  Come be a part of that team today!