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With new facility, Hyperlogistics Group is a destination for food grade warehousing

Hyperlogistics Group is known for their world-class service and expertise in the field of logistics and warehousing. With the addition of a new 100,000 square-foot food grade facility, their ability to provide safe, reliable storage and transportation of food products has grown to new heights. This satellite facility located at 6600 Don Eisele Road in Columbus, Ohio has already proven to be a valuable asset for Hyerlogistics customers in need of best-in-class food grade warehousing solutions since opening in 2022. Certified food grade warehousing Hyperlogistics Group’s food grade facilities hold a Certificate of Excellence from ASI Food Safety and maintain an “Superior” rating via annual ASI inspections and audits. Since [...]

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Columbus is a top market for logistics real estate

Columbus, Ohio has grown into one of the nation’s top real estate markets for logistics and commerce. From its centralized location to a strong infrastructure network, many factors combine to give businesses based in this region a unique advantage. For warehousing and logistics operations like Hyperlogistics, these ideal conditions mean we can provide our customers with the most efficient services at a highly competitive rate. Here are just a few of the reasons why Columbus, Ohio is a top real estate market for logistics and other key industries. Strategic Location Commercial lender Janover placed Columbus at number one on its list of the top ten markets to buy industrial real [...]

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Advanced 3PL Technology: Warehouse Management and Integration Systems

Third Party Logistics (3PL) businesses are complex, dynamic, and demanding. Each of your customers expects the right products to ship to the proper destination on time. Hyperlogistics employs a powerful, flexible platform of technology to adapt to the non-stop demands of multiple shippers. We rely on Ramp Systems to provide Warehouse Management Software and Integration for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) that orchestrates the operations specifically for 3PL operators. The systems work together to transcend the wide range of technical abilities within your customer base and trading partners. The systems are flexible and can adapt to the most complex conditions. Ramp can be configured differently for each shipper. This adaptability speeds [...]

2023-03-20T15:48:38-04:00March 20th, 2023|

Hyperlogistics Group 2021 ESOP Meeting

On August 10, 2021, Hyperlogistics Group team members gathered at our 9301 Intermodal Court facility to take part in the annual meeting for the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). During the meeting, employees were given a presentation that explained their role of ownership in the company, as well as a breakdown of the program’s successes throughout the past year for the vested employees. Hyperlogistics Group is proud to be among the 7,000+ companies nationwide to embrace the many benefits to its customers, management, and employees that an Employee Stock Ownership Plan affords. With each team member taking a personal interest in our continued success, the level of teamwork found at [...]

2023-02-28T09:31:57-05:00October 26th, 2021|

What Can a Career in Logistics do For You?

The logistics industry is booming, and demand for jobs in this field shows no sign of slowing down. Touching on numerous sectors from retail to finance and even government, logistics offers a wide range of opportunities around the globe. The word “logistics” is used broadly to describe the managing of a business or organization’s supply chain. This work can include supply chain management, warehousing, and other related services. Typical job duties in the logistics field include maintaining relationships with suppliers, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of materials, and anticipating customer needs to minimize the cost of moving goods and materials. Curious about what can a career in logistics can [...]

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A Little Success Story During The COVID19 Pandemic

If you’re looking for some positive news coming out of the difficult last two years (18 + months) let us share our story here at Hyperlogistics. As COVID-19 began to take off in this country in January of 2020, like everyone else, we were worried about the future of our jobs and our company. In March, as things began to shut down, we were declared an essential business because many of our key customers were actively involved in preventing the spread of the virus. We were fortunate to remain open to support those customers and the rest of our business. In the beginning it was tough to keep up with [...]

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5 Reasons Hyperlogistics Group is a Great Place to Work

With so many options available to jobseekers in the current market, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than a great workplace. You work hard, and you deserve an employer who recognizes your efforts. At Hyperlogistics Group, we strive to create the kind of work environment that gives our team members a sense of ownership and pride in everything we do. But what makes us better than the average warehouse or logistics job? Here are a few of the reasons why applying for a role with Hyperlogistics Group will be the best career move you can make today: Great Company Culture Established in 1973, Hyperlogistics Group is a well-established [...]

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Hyperlogistics Group recently joined the growing list of American companies to realize the benefits of employee ownership. Founded in 1973, Hyperlogistics has become one of mid-America’s warehousing, transportation and fulfillment specialists, providing cost-effective solutions to meet the complex logistics and supply chain demands of today’s increasingly competitive industry. In becoming employee owned, Hyperlogistics joins some 7,000 companies throughout America to embrace the many benefits to its customers, management and employees that an Employee Stock Ownership Plan affords. For customers, it means every contact they make with the company is now made with a shareholder. According to co-founder Geoff Manack, “Every action an employee takes on a customer’s behalf is to [...]

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Meet your Hyperlogistics Heroes!  Since the day COVID-19 landed on our nation’s shores, Hyperlogistics associates have fought on the front lines. Their dedication is extraordinary. Their courage inspires awe. Through their efforts, essential shipments continue to flow through our facility and arrive where needed the most – as ordered, intact, and on-time. It takes a group of very special people to make that happen day in and day out. They are, and will always be, your Hyperlogistics Heroes!

2023-02-28T15:50:06-05:00July 2nd, 2020|

Hyperlogistics Heroes

Hyperlogistics continues to support the mission of our Essential Customers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The superior efforts of our dedicated associates keep Hyperlogistics up and running, and ready to serve.

2023-02-28T15:51:52-05:00April 23rd, 2020|