Food Grade

Food Grade Warehousing

Certified by ASI and MOSA

Hyperlogistics Group maintains food grade facilities and processes that are best-in-class. We hold a Certificate of Excellence from ASI Food Safety and maintain our Excellent rating via annual ASI inspections and audits. Safe, reliable storage and transportation of food products is a Hyperlogistics specialty that our customers can count on every single day.

Now Certified Organic too!

In 2016, Hyperlogistics Group expanded its food grade capabilities by earning Organic Certification from the Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA).  We are now certified under the US National Organic Program (7 CFR Part 205) to provide warehouse services including storage, handling and distribution services of packaged organic products.

Food Grade Warehousing

Efficient Supply Chain Management for Organic and Non-Organic Producers, Processors, Manufacturers and Retailers

The ASI and MOSA certifications allow Hyperlogistics Group to serve customers throughout the food supply chain. We can store raw ingredients, eliminating the need for growers and processors to warehouse at their facilities while expediting their transportation programs. With our sophisticated warehouse and transportation systems, Hyperlogistics can ship ingredients on demand, helping manufacturers meet their Just-In-Time production schedules. We can then store finished goods for timely shipment that matches the inventory needs of wholesale distributors and retailers.

Hyperlogistics increases efficiency throughout the food supply chain, saving time and money for our customers!