Hyperlogistics Group recently joined the growing list of American companies to realize the benefits of employee ownership.

Founded in 1973, Hyperlogistics has become one of mid-America’s warehousing, transportation and fulfillment specialists, providing cost-effective solutions to meet the complex logistics and supply chain demands of today’s increasingly competitive industry.

In becoming employee owned, Hyperlogistics joins some 7,000 companies throughout America to embrace the many benefits to its customers, management and employees that an Employee Stock Ownership Plan affords.

For customers, it means every contact they make with the company is now made with a shareholder. According to co-founder Geoff Manack, “Every action an employee takes on a customer’s behalf is to strengthen relationships and build a future for the company they, themselves, own. Beneficial ownership of their company motivate employees in ways that are simply not otherwise possible.”

For management and employees, it means waking up each morning to a new future. It means working side by side with people who are equally invested in the success of their company. And that results in a level of teamwork that is second to none.

As for Geoff and Sam who began the company and now share its future with a dedicated team of fellow employee owners, it means preserving the legacy they worked so hard to create. Co-founder Seatta (Sam) Layland notes, “Hyperlogistic’s ESOP means the company will remain under the same management as before. Geoff and I are now two of 50 owners with a shared commitment to preserving the corporate culture that had made us a leader in our industry. Additionally, it positions the company for future success, giving us the tools we need to continue to attract and retain the very best talent available.”

American business innovates. Since 1956, Employee Stock Ownership Plans have proved to be one of the most innovative ways for forward-directed companies to assure their succession. Hyperlogistics Group is pleased to be among their ranks.