Medical Supplies

When you think about the storage, distribution and transportation of medical supplies, a single word comes to mind: Precision. Every order has to be fulfilled exactly right and delivered right on schedule. Medical labware and hospital supplies must be available for the end user exactly when needed. No exceptions. Hyperlogistics aims for that level of precision every day and we’re committed to excellent performance!

Hyperlogistics understands the complexities – and the demands – of the medical supply industry. We realize that every distributor or medical supply company has unique needs, and we are experts at tailoring each order to meet its specific requirements. Your company can count on the same meticulous service. As a warehouse that receives newly manufactured products, we verify that quality testing has been completed and Certificates of Analysis have been issued before authorizing shipment. By working closely with your customer service representatives and following the orders generated by your WMS software to the letter, we maintain an order fulfillment process that is efficient, accurate and on time. In a word – precise!


Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple: If we fail to live up to the standards we have agree to, we will pay for your move to any other warehouse in the Columbus area.