Why Columbus

Why Columbus, Ohio? Why Hyperlogistics?

Central Ohio is a thriving logistics hub, one of the largest in the nation. Hyperlogistics is strategically located at the Rickenbacker Global Logistics Park which is within one-day delivery of nearly two-thirds of North America’s population. We designed and built our new 507,000 square foot facility to satisfy the strict requirements of both Food Grade and Medical Supply storage. With high ceilings, a sophisticated warehouse inventory system, clean and orderly processes, and a staging area for outbound transportation, Hyperlogistics is hyper-efficient. We are committed to helping you excel for every hospital, medical lab and research center that you serve.

Precise, efficient, committed – Hyperlogistics!

Central Ohio Statistics Flyer

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple: If we fail to live up to the standards we have agree to, we will pay for your move to any other warehouse in the Columbus area.