Hyperlogistics Group is known for their world-class service and expertise in the field of logistics and warehousing. With the addition of a new 100,000 square-foot food grade facility, their ability to provide safe, reliable storage and transportation of food products has grown to new heights. This satellite facility located at 6600 Don Eisele Road in Columbus, Ohio has already proven to be a valuable asset for Hyerlogistics customers in need of best-in-class food grade warehousing solutions since opening in 2022.

Certified food grade warehousing

Hyperlogistics Group’s food grade facilities hold a Certificate of Excellence from ASI Food Safety and maintain an “Superior” rating via annual ASI inspections and audits. Since 2016, Hyperlogistics has held Organic Certification from the Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA). They are also certified under the US National Organic Program (7 CFR Part 205) to provide warehouse services including storage, handling, and distribution services of packaged organic products.

These key certifications allow Hyperlogistics Group to serve customers throughout the food supply chain, eliminating the need for growers and processors to warehouse at their facilities while expediting their transportation programs. Thanks to sophisticated warehouse and transportation systems, Hyperlogistics can ship ingredients on demand, helping manufacturers meet their Just-In-Time production schedules. Meanwhile, storage of finished goods allows for timely shipment that matches the inventory needs of wholesale distributors and retailers.

Strategic Location

With this new satellite facility at their disposal, Hyperlogistics Group is better equipped than ever to meet the needs of their customers in the food sector. Conveniently located at the Rickenbacker Global Logistics Park, Hyperlogistics’ facilities are within one-day delivery of nearly two-thirds of North America’s population. Rickenbacker International Airport is one of the nation’s key cargo hubs, offering uninterrupted access to freight by air, rail, and truck to destinations across the globe. This means Hyperlogistics Group customers enjoy unmatched speed and reliability for the transport and warehousing of their goods—all at a competitive price.

Your trusted partner for food grade warehousing

Hyperlogistics commitment to increasing efficiency in the food supply chain is stronger than ever thanks to their new food grade satellite facility. This addition will translate to greater savings of both time and money for Hyperlogistics customers.

If you are in the market for food grade warehousing and transport solutions, trust the professionals at Hyperlogistics group to handle your needs with world-class efficiency and service. Contact Hyperlogistics Group by phone at (614) 497-0800 to learn more about their full range of services.